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Dr. Nicole Morin - Upheaval Advisor
Nicole has an uncanny ability to build community, clarify common goals, and generate shared energy that brings success for everyone involved. The breadth of her social networks – from personal to professional to far-flung interests that somehow establish strong relationships – are extensive and ever-expanding.

In professional life, Nicole is a chiropractor with over 20 years of direct patient care experience. Her desire to connect people with their innate health potential and to one another, through chiropractic care, has its roots in her upbringing in a large, dynamic and supportive family.

While in Kansas City for graduate school, Nicole nurtured her naturally gregarious spirit. When she crossed the country with her husband and leaped into private practice in Washington, the community connections she cultivated became an essential priority for the success of their business, and for their family.

Nicole’s enthusiasm knits others into her extended family network - whether the nexus is her practice, her expansive social media connections, social events, or other efforts - where quick study of what defines success becomes a mission with indefatigable drive. In her practice, Nicole takes care of people of all ages using various chiropractic techniques, including specialty certifications for adjusting pregnant mothers and a specific cranial adjusting technique. She finds her most fulfilling work is helping others recognize their physical and emotional growth potential, with heartfelt empathy and compassion for her patients’ quality of life.