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For the past 22 years Scott has studied leaders, their teams, and their organizations. He has been instrumental in helping develop leaders through a strengths-management approach and building companies from a human capital perspective. Focusing on leaders, Scott offers proven solutions that help companies develop and retain strong executives, grow their teams (through focusing on the leader’s strengths and the talent of his or her team), and create individualized goals, actionable processes, and measurable objectives. He also implements strategies for teams to work together for cohesive, results-based outcomes. Focusing on organizations, Scott helps build companies through developing a vision, a mission, core values, competencies, and customer engagement. As a trusted advisor, he facilitates strategy sessions, works with companies to select and develop strong employees, and helps them establish a culture of success using his expertise in sociology and positive psychology.

Scott's background in sociology and positive psychology will be essential in determining Upheaval's direction/vision/mission, team building, employee selection, employee development, and customer engagement. Through his research prowess, Scott will deploy a myriad of quantitative and qualitative processes to build the organization and examine customer engagement and retention, which will lead to a productive culture and a deep understanding of the Weave's subscribers and users.

Scott served as the Director of Leadership Development and Analytics at Talent Plus, Inc. and is a visiting instructor in sociology and leadership at both the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Algebra University-College in Zagreb, Croatia.