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    Multi-Dimensional Shared-Block Architecture
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About IronWeave

Welcome to the next generation of blockchain.
Forget what you've learned about blockchain. IronWeave is different. Evolved.
IronWeave is built for the enterprise, with novel and patented shared-block architecture that solves the limitations plaguing all other blockchains, creating a multi-dimensional fabric of unlimited scale and flexibility.

With IronWeave there is no limit on the number of interacting chains, customizations, block size, or applications. With IronWeave data is stored on-chain, each block secured with its own set of encryption keys.
0 ms

Block creation time

0 million

Transactions Per Second (TPS)



IronWeave architecture means unlimited scale

Unlimited Scale

1,600,000+ transactions per second, per managed node. Unlimited managed nodes.


Ultra-secure with independent encryption for all individual chains and each block.

Enterprise Ready

Ready solutions, custom integrations, easy deployment.
Running today.

Massively Distributed

Designed for unlimited parallel processing, computing and block creation.
IronWeave is the most secure blockchain
Your Business is at Risk — IronWeave Can Protect You

The Ransomware Cure

When you create data using IronWeave, your data is always encrypted against hackers and is read-only, protected with at least two fingerprints (or hashes) that uniquely identify the data and ensure it cannot be altered or rewritten. Any data created and stored with IronWeave cannot be changed – it is immutable – which also means ransomware cannot scramble it.
  • Ransomware locks your data, then demands ransoms to unlock
  • Targets include anyone with sensitive data or systems
  • IronWeave encrypts each block as independent, read-only data
  • Hashes make blocks immutable, duplicates ensure restoration
  • IronWeave blocks cannot be changed, stolen, or held hostage

IronWeave INOCULATES your data against Ransomware — forever

IronWeave fastest blockchain
IronWeave is the data platform of the future


The IronWeave solutions portfolio is a collection of blockchain solutions that provide the building blocks of a secure, modern, growth-minded data fabric.

  Protect your data and your company with IronWeave

     Learn how IronWeave can protect your data, your customers, and your competitive future
The only unlimited blockchain | the data platform of the Future

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