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Learn — What are IronWeave Solutions?

Learn | IronWeave Solutions

What are IronWeave solutions?

IronWeave solutions are capabilities, building blocks, and stand-along technology solutions designed by applying the capabilities of IronWeave technologies.

You can think of IronWeave solutions as useful results of applying IronWeave technologies. For example, a website is the useful result of applying Internet technologies (like HTML, CSS, URLs, and other base Internet technologies). These solutions are useful and valuable by themselves, but also can be the building blocks of creative, yet-to-be designed or devised implementations in the IronWeave fabric.

All IronWeave solutions have the inherent benefits enabled by core IronWeave technologies: unlimited scale, iron-clad security, infinite flexibility, easy partnerships, able to be developed using any modern programming language, and accessible (if desired) from anywhere else in the IronWeave blockchain fabric.

And just like any other IronWeave solution, you can control access to any data down to the individual block level. You can have edge-chains in these solutions that communicate with others in IronWeave, yet keep your internal chains completely secure and private from anyone else in IronWeave. The application of these solutions, and the creative ways they can redefine how we interact in our physical and digital worlds, is boundless, infinite.

List of Technologies

IronWeave Solutions

The following section provides a listing of IronWeave solutions, with a short description of each. For more information, use the menu at the top of this page to navigate to the page that describes each IronWeave Solution in more detail.
  • Ultra-Secure Storage
    Other data storage providers leave data security largely up to you, and that’s not your expertise. With IronWeave Secure Storage, each unit of data is encrypted and hashed with unique security elements, protecting your data as soon as you create it.
  • Supply Chain + RFID
    IronWeave Supply Chain and RFID solutions provide the scale, mobile app integration, and the partnership infrastructure that streamline and simplify supply chain logistics and implementation. To deepen the integration, accuracy, and efficiencies, IronWeave Supply Chain can integrate RFID chips into the process to further tracking, metrics, and robustness of your solution.
  • Blockchain Development
    With IronWeave Blockchain Development, you or your organization can use the secure and robust IronWeave API to create custom solutions for your enterprise, or your customers. Build add-ons, infrastructure, services, or back-ends that integration with existing infrastructure.
  • Credentials
    Credentials today are fraught with counterfeits, forgeries, under-table payoffs, and other schemes that undermine or endanger the public who depend on those holding the credentials to have the right training or skills. With IronWeave you can put a stop to forgeries, counterfeits, and fraudulent activities. Issue, manage, and track credentials for organizations of any size, creating an iron-clad solution for your organization, a collection of partners, or an entire industry.
  • IoT Integration
    With IronWeave IoT Integration, you can use multi-redundant data transmissions, high-performance and low-latency sensor or event recording, and the holistic data fabric inherent to IronWeave to bring a new sense of order and efficiency to your devices, physical infrastructure, or sensitive equipment.
  • Data Residency Policies
    With IronWeave Data Residency, you can have a solution where all data created in a region or geographic boundary stay within those borders. The IronWeave infrastructure implements a concept called affinity, where data (blocks) can be assigned a regional affinity for initial block creation, as well as for IronWeave’s underlying reconstitution mechanisms that ensure blocks are decentralized and distributed across multiple Managed Nodes.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    With IronWeave Regulatory Compliance solutions, you can leverage the architectural and technical capabilities of IronWeave to streamline your compliance work, ensure accuracy, and automate reporting to government agencies. With custom block categories, compliance-based block types with prescribed data payloads, and events on process-specific internal blockchains, you can gain control of your compliance reporting, and focus on your business.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Using IronWeave as your data infrastructure protects your organization, and makes the IronWeave Disaster Recovery solution easy to implement and manage. Every interaction in IronWeave creates a shared block, which is automatically decentralized and distributed to multiple IronWeave Managed Nodes. As importantly, all data in IronWeave is immutable, and all unauthorized attempts to access or manipulate IronWeave blocks results in a new block being placed on the target chain, and triggering an alert.
  • Digital Health Platform
    With IronWeave Digital Health Platform solutions, the healthcare industry has a secure, shareable, and standards-ready infrastructure to begin moving into a componentized, extensible, open and competitive digital health platform ecosystem. It also paves the way for portable health records, and better care.
  • Code & Cloud Agnostic
    With IronWeave, you can use any modern programming language to integrate IronWeave with your enterprise system, or to connect to others. We’ve designed IronWeave to be enterprise-ready, which means software developers within the organization don’t have to learn new, unproven, or arcane programming languages to integrate with or extend IronWeave.
  • The Ransomware Cure
    When you create your data using IronWeave, that data is always encrypted against hackers and is read-only, protected with at least one fingerprint (a hash) that uniquely identifies the data and ensures it cannot be altered or rewritten. Any data created and stored with IronWeave cannot be changed – it is immutable – which also means ransomware cannot scramble it. IronWeave stops ransomware because IronWeave data cannot be changed or scrambled, and even in the unlikely event of a copy getting destroyed – by ransomware, or fire, or careless employees – you can restore that data from one of many other IronWeave copies held in multiple locations.
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