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Learn — What are IronWeave Technologies?

Learn | IronWeave Technologies

What are IronWeave technologies?

IronWeave technologies are the core components, capabilities, and building blocks of the IronWeave blockchain data fabric.

These technologies work together to make IronWeave the most complete, most compelling, and most versatile blockchain solution, period.

These technologies were imagined and created from their inception to be capable of scaling to the entire world's need for secure data interactions, privacy, scale, and flexibility. The creators of IronWeave have decades of experience in enterprise software, and have helped create some of the most robust, scalable, and most used software elements in the world today.

IronWeave benefits from such experience by ensuring that each technology, and the coordination and capabilities they bring when combined, are based on years of working in enterprise software, seeing the benefits of careful design, and witnessing what durable patterns for global scale look like when properly implemented.

List of Technologies

IronWeave Technologies

The following section provides a listing of IronWeave technologies, with a short description of each. For more information, use the menu at the top of this page to navigate to the page that describes each IronWeave Technology in more detail.
  • Shared-Block Architecture
    IronWeave implements a novel and patented architecture called shared-block architecture. In IronWeave each participant gets its own blockchain. A participant can be a person, a business, a supplier, a customer, a device, or nearly anything else. Whenever an interaction occurs between two or more participants in IronWeave – such as a credential being issued to someone – a shared block is placed on each participant’s blockchain.
  • Iron-Clad Security
    IronWeave built security into its base design, at the individual block level. Each block in IronWeave is issued its own set of RSA-4096 encryption keys, further protecting and securely isolating each interaction on IronWeave as it occurs. When an interaction occurs between two or more blockchains in IronWeave, each participating blockchain submits a hash of its previous block to include in the new shared block. So with three participants, the new shared block will contain three different hashes – one from each participant.
  • Scalability
    In IronWeave each participant gets its own blockchain, and when an event (an interaction) occurs between two or more participant blockchains, a shared block is created. Importantly, each interaction involves only the blockchains participating in that interaction. Such a design, based on IronWeave architecture, enables unlimited horizontal scalability.
  • Custom Blocks & Categories
    IronWeave can create custom blocks, custom block types, and entire customized block categories. Since an interaction between two or more IronWeave blockchains creates a block shared only among those participants, IronWeave blocks aren’t required to always be the same size or composition. One block can be small, another large, the next any size required. It’s like grabbing the right box for shipping an item from a warehouse to a customer – use the box that best fits what goes inside.
  • Real-Time Interactions
    IronWeave is designed to work on event triggers, not polling, to ensure streamlined and efficient use of resources. IronWeave also allows unlimited blockchains for participants. With such flexibility, IronWeave can be used to monitor any device, room, process, or even your reception desk, for events of interest. All secure, immutable, and captured in real time.
  • Partnerships & Privacy
    Partnerships are secure, private and incremental. They are also powerful tools to validate, automate, streamline, and protect your business interactions – all while extending your reach and providing complete transparency to only the partners with whom you conduct your business. An enterprise – or any subscriber – could use IronWeave for internal use only, and have an operationally dedicated, secure, private IronWeave blockchain solution deployed solely for their organization. A walled garden, impenetrable, for its own purposes.
  • IoT Ready
    IronWeave is built for massive scalability, real-time block creation and interactions, event-driven metrics, and standardized + custom categories. In other words, IronWeave was designed for IoT. Custom blocks and categories, along with built-in metrics and event-driven alerts let IronWeave become the unified command center for your entire IoT surface area.
  • Built-in Analytics
    With IronWeave, you can have individual blockchains for each device, person, location, product, or any other noun that facilitates ensuring interactions are captured and managed. And since the scale and performance of IronWeave enables real-time interactions to be captured, including events of interest, another valuable technology element of IronWeave is how it enables you to also capture analytics.
  • Mobile
    The IronWeave mobile technologies connect enterprises with their processes, with their goods and services, and will connect organizations with customers and patrons in secure ways that were not possible before. All with privacy protections in place, security prioritized, partnerships enabled, and scalability guaranteed.
  • Unified Data Fabric
    As an IronWeave participant, your organization can create an unlimited number of blockchains to capture real-time interactions, secure data, and gain analytics insights into any process, operations, or activities you incorporate. On a global scale, IronWeave is a holistic data fabric where participants can engage with public chains in ways they find compelling, gaining insights and engagements.
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