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Learn — What is IronWeave?

Learn | IronWeave

What is IronWeave?

IronWeave is a collection of technologies that creates a secure, scalable, and flexible blockchain-based data and development fabric.

IronWeave can be used in different ways, by different people or by different organizations. Just as some companies use the Internet for commerce, others for communications, yet others for interactions, how you use IronWeave is based on your needs, your goals and your mission. IronWeave's flexibility enables a wide variety different uses.

IronWeave technologies work seamlessly together, creating an interwoven fabric of secure data and interactions.
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The Parts of IronWeave

IronWeave is a continuum of four elements that build from basic blocks, and work together, in the following ways:

• Base technologies or core capabilities of IronWeave
Solutions that can be created by IronWeave's technologies
Implementations created by combining solutions, processes and data
• A holistic fabric that is the collection of data, processes, services, and implementations running and available on IronWeave

These four elements — technologies, solutions, implementations and the fabric — are designed to let you build, create, secure and selectively share the data and digital interactions you build online. All in an unlimited scale, iron-clad environment where you own your own data.

Digital Interaction Platform

What does IronWeave replace?

Similar question: What did the Internet replace?

Answer: Transformational advances don't replace, they redefine.

There was simply nothing like the Internet before it arrived. There were independent, disconnected and monolithic networks, and mainframe computers that lurked in windowless rooms. But interconnecting the world with a holistic network had no precedent.

You could say the Internet eventually replaced separate networks with one interconnected network, but that's not quite correct (local networks still exist) and even so, it's just one small description of how the Internet redefined many things about our digital and... by extension... our daily lives.

The Internet redefined the way we went about our daily lives, how we interacted with others and the world around us.

When we look at it from technologies, solutions and implementations, as IronWeave elements are described, for the Internet, HTML was a technology, websites were a solution, and e-commerce and social media sites were implementations.

Just as Internet technologies and solutions were used differently by individuals, businesses and organizations, your use for IronWeave might be different from someone else's needs.

Use Cases

How IronWeave meets needs, brings value

To extend the comparison, how does the Internet meet needs, and bring value?

You might need the Internet to create a website, share information with the world and connect with customers. What has changed as the Internet went from its first version (essentially read-only, publishing information) and then to its second version (read-write, such as posting and interacting on platforms like Twitter or Instagram), is security and ownership.

You don't own your posts on Twitter or any other platform. And certainly, whatever you post or put out onto the Internet is impossible to retract or guarantee to keep secure.

The next version of the Internet — a redefining of how we interact as individuals and organizations — is where data is owned and secured from others, interactions are direct instead of aggregated and intermediated, and where privacy is inherent and guaranteed and yours to share, not some company's data.

Such wholesale redefining of how we interact on the Internet is where IronWeave can meet needs, and bring value.

It's where ownership and security and privacy lies, with building-block technologies and solutions that can deliver value and security and ownership at the smallest individual level, all the way to the most global scale.

Ownership, security and privacy will redefine how the Internet meets our needs, individually and collectively. It doesn't replace what we have now, with the current Internet solutions, because those elements are absent in today's Internet. By enabling ownership, security and privacy, IronWeave, with its collection of technologies and solutions, will redefine how we interact and our digital experience.

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