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IronWeave Solutions — Credentials

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Control Fraud, Issuance, Guarantee Provenance
With IronWeave, you can ensure the provenance of credentials, and quickly determine whether any credential is genuine, current, and held by the person presenting it.

Credentials today are fraught with counterfeits, forgeries, under-table payoffs, and other schemes that undermine or endanger the public who depend on those holding the credentials to have the right training or skills. With IronWeave you can put a stop to forgeries, counterfeits, and fraudulent activities. Issue, manage, and track credentials for organizations of any size, creating an iron-clad solution for your organization, a collection of partners, or an entire industry.

The IronWeave Credentials solution provides and end-to-end solution that guarantees the provenance of any issued credential, and manages any number of intermediaries or credential types you issue or oversee. And if you issue physical cards, IronWeave can connect your physical and digital work with our expertise in RFID, mobile apps and scanners, and integration with your existing systems.

IronWeave credentials solutions also provide built-in metrics, analytics, and reporting that help you keep on top of your credentials system, manage suspensions and revocations, and help ensure your mission is carried out more effectively, efficiently, and safely.
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