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IronWeave Solutions — Data Residency

IronWeave Solutions

Data Residency

You can ensure your data stays within its borders - with IronWeave
Governments around the world are increasing their regulations around data residency, which is the requirement that data created in a region remain in that region, in part or in whole. With cloud providers having datacenters in multiple regions, and creating backups of such data across boundaries, your organization’s data residency policies may be out of compliance.

With IronWeave Data Residency, you can have a solution where all data created in a region or geographic boundary stay within those borders. The IronWeave infrastructure implements a concept called affinity, where data (blocks) can be assigned a regional affinity for initial block creation, as well as for IronWeave’s underlying reconstitution mechanisms that ensure blocks are decentralized and distributed across multiple Managed Nodes.

IronWeave affinity is an internal mechanism used to ensure high performance and low-latency block creation; with an IronWeave Data Residency solution, affinity can be enforced for a given region, in whole (all replicated shared blocks) or in part (at least one copy must remain in the region). The IronWeave Data Residency policies can be applied to a single chain, multiple chains, specific block types or categories, or entire IronWeave subscriptions.

Best of all, once an IronWeave Data Residency solution is deployed, maintenance is small; data residency happens automatically and can be tracked, confirmed, or updated in your organization’s IronWeave VIEW.
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