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IronWeave Solutions — Digital Health Platform

IronWeave Solutions

Digital Health Platform

Secure healthcare systems without proprietary lock-in
Healthcare providers and the entire industry feels locked into monolithic, proprietary health records and management platforms, held captive by vendors who resist any change or opening up of their proprietary systems. This inflexibility leaves the healthcare industry vulnerable to attacks, lagging in technology, and heavy with institutional inertia.

With IronWeave Digital Health Platform solutions, the healthcare industry has a secure, shareable, and standards-ready infrastructure to begin moving into a componentized, extensible, open and competitive digital health platform ecosystem. It also paves the way for portable health records, and better care.

If your organizations oversees health services, or if you company provides software for the health industry, IronWeave Digital Health Platform solutions can make your systems more secure, more flexible, and more cohesive. You can begin with medical devices, or streamlined entry and insurance billing, and work toward the full Artificial Intelligence based health infrastructure for real-time informed care, complications alerts, and recommendations.

For a more detailed and technical discussion about IronWeave and healthcare, and the many applications it can provide to secure and streamline health delivery and records, contact us.
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