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IronWeave Solutions — Disaster Recovery

IronWeave Solutions

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) - it's built into IronWeave
Data is the electricity of modern business, and an outage stops commerce in its tracks. Every organization needs the ability to recover from a disaster event, whether the result of weather, network attacks, ransomware, or unknown bad actors.

Using IronWeave as your data infrastructure protects your organization, and makes the IronWeave Disaster Recovery solution easy to implement and manage. Every interaction in IronWeave creates a shared block, which is automatically decentralized and distributed to multiple IronWeave Managed Nodes. As importantly, all data in IronWeave is immutable, and all unauthorized attempts to access or manipulate IronWeave blocks results in a new block being placed on the target chain, and triggering an alert.

You can use IronWeave Disaster Recovery as a stand-alone DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) solution, or for more extensive integration and value, use IronWeave solutions for areas of your business, and add IronWeave Disaster Recover to create a complete and cohesive continuity plan, without dealing with multiple disconnected vendors.

With IronWeave, reconstitution of data is a basic premise, and decentralization and geographic distribution is part of the infrastructure. Whatever your scale - global enterprise, regional healthcare provider, or local law firm - IronWeave Disaster Recover can protect your business, your customers, and your reputation.
blockchain disaster recovery solution IronWeave
blockchain disaster recovery IronWeave