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IronWeave Solutions — Supply Chain + RFID

IronWeave Solutions

Supply Chain + RFID

Track goods, deliveries, transport, provenance and more
Among the most well-known uses for blockchain is the management of supply chain. While there have been some implementations, issues of scale, availability, technology readiness, and other logistics have stifled progress. With IronWeave, those limitations are removed.

IronWeave Supply Chain and RFID solutions provide the scale, mobile app integration, and the partnership infrastructure that streamline and simplify supply chain logistics and implementation. To deepen the integration, accuracy, and efficiencies, IronWeave Supply Chain can integrate RFID chips into the process to further tracking, metrics, and robustness of your solution.

IronWeave incorporates a collection of technologies that make its supply chain solution unmatchable: shared-block infrastructure means every interaction event occurs between two or more participants (supplier, transporter, and you see all events untampered in real time); custom blocks and categories let you organize and standardize data and events (gain insights, analyze, and parse block categories easily); ensure provenance, secure shipping boundaries (and trace issues with transport to their geolocation and time). And importantly, use the IronWeave mobile app for field-based scans of RFID identifiers (a chain unto themselves, if needed) to streamline transactions, and secure your data to only partners involved in each step of the process.

There are many more capabilities that an IronWeave Supply Chain solution could use to streamline your supply chain, all with ultra-secure interactions and immutable data.
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