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IronWeave — Shared-Block Architecture

Unlimited Scale
Unlimited interacting blockchains interacting at 1,600,000+ transactions per second, per managed node. Unlimited managed nodes.
Unmatched Security
Unique, ultra-secure encryption applies to each blockchain, and each shared block. Each block is encrypted with its own unique keys.
Infinite Flexibility
Block sizes and types can be customized as needed, in size and content. Create custom blocks, or entire categories to match industry, process, operations.

An Unmatched Innovation in Blockchain

Shared-Block Architecture

IronWeave architecture is fundamentally different from all other blockchains. While others have a single blockchain to which all blocks must be written, in IronWeave there are many blockchains – in fact, an unlimited number of blockchains. Here’s how it works:

In IronWeave each participant gets its own blockchain. A participant can be a person, a business, a supplier, a customer, a device, or nearly anything else.

An interaction is an event – such as a financial transaction, credential issuance, medical device use, sensor data, a file being written, a package or shipment delivery, required compliance submission, and any other event that occurs in daily commerce and life.
Going further into shared-block architecture

Whenever an interaction occurs between two or more participants in IronWeave – such as a credential being issued to someone – a shared block is placed on each participant’s blockchain. That shared block is protected with a hash, similar to a digital fingerprint, derived from each participant’s blockchain, making the block extremely secure. Once the shared block is created, each participant has a record of that interaction (and access to the shared block) written onto their individual blockchain, and that record cannot be tampered with, forged, or deleted.

There are many advantages to this unique and patented shared-block architecture, including scalability, security, real-time interactions and analytics, secure partnerships and more.
Comparisons to other blockchains

Other blockchain technologies use a single blockchain to record transactions or data – known as a monolithic blockchain. While there are different implementations and brands of monolithic blockchains, they all suffer from the same limitations including scale, customization and versatility. Monolithic blockchains can only create one block at a time, and only at a specific interval using a single, inflexible block size and type.

With IronWeave there are no such limitations. Because IronWeave implements independent blockchains, shared blocks, and parallel block creation, scale and flexibility are essentially unlimited.
Use Cases

Financial institutions with high security, transaction requirements. Credentials that span multiple organizations, levels, and participants. Records management. Compliance or legal frameworks. Fraud prevention and detection. Secure data storage. Data security. IoT applications, including widespread device sensors, medicine, manufacturing and supply chain transport. Supply chain logistics. Shipping and goods tracking, including RFID. Food supply provenance, management. Custom applications.