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IronWeave — Simple Deployment

Unlimited Scale
Unlimited interacting blockchains interacting at 1,600,000+ transactions per second, per managed node. Unlimited managed nodes.
Unmatched Security
Unique, ultra-secure encryption applies to each blockchain, and each shared block. Each block is encrypted with its own unique keys.
Infinite Flexibility
Block sizes and types can be customized as needed, in size and content. Create custom blocks, or entire categories to match industry, process, operations.

Getting to Blockchain can be easy

Simple Deployment

IronWeave solutions are customized to your enterprise, based on existing design patterns created specifically for enterprise needs. If you want to develop your own solutions using an IronWeave subscription, our clearly documented APIs are straightforward and robust. We know – we’ve built our own solutions using them.

And if you need external guidance or support with integrating an IronWeave solution, we have experience partners who can lead you through each step of the process – a process that begins with your business logic, rather than risky and expensive low-level blockchain design.

Most important: IronWeave is running today, ready to secure and modernize your organization.

Monolithic blockchains are especially burdensome in the enterprise, where stakeholders and partners and infrastructure decisions can make getting a blockchain running feel like raising the titanic. It’s fraught with risk, cost, unseen errors, and delays.

Deploying a monolithic blockchain in the enterprise is like designing, building, stocking, and maintaining your own datacenter. You have to start from the beginning, and climb difficult initial steps on your own, hoping you've done it right.

In comparison, using IronWeave is like spinning up a virtual machine – just push a start button, and you’re already many steps ahead.
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