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IronWeave — Partnerships + Privacy

Unlimited Scale
Unlimited interacting blockchains interacting at 1,600,000+ transactions per second, per managed node. Unlimited managed nodes.
Unmatched Security
Unique, ultra-secure encryption applies to each blockchain, and each shared block. Each block is encrypted with its own unique keys.
Infinite Flexibility
Block sizes and types can be customized as needed, in size and content. Create custom blocks, or entire categories to match industry, process, operations.

Easily create partnerships and protect data

Partnerships + Privacy

In IronWeave, security and privacy are pervasive. Whether an enterprise, a medium business, or an individual, your IronWeave data is secure. Further, any attempt to access a block from a non-participant is logged on your blockchain, with detailed information about the attempted action – all immutably, all resistant to any attempts at tampering or covering up.

An enterprise – or any subscriber – could use IronWeave for internal use only, and have an operationally dedicated, secure, private IronWeave blockchain solution deployed solely for their organization. A walled garden, impenetrable, for its own purposes.
A New Era of Blockchain Partnerships and Security

A powerful technology feature of IronWeave, however, comes from its concept of partnerships. If a coffee chain wants to source its coffee beans from reputable growers, solid distributors, and reliable shippers, the coffee chain could create a partnership with each of them – grower, distributor, shipper – and allow specified secure shared-block interactions with each.

Only validated partners can initiate shared-block events, or participate in shared-block events. Now, your walled garden allows three others (grower, distributor shipper) to peek in, seeing only what you explicitly share, and no more. Only chains approved to interact with those external partners can be included in partner-shared blocks, and only the block types you want to allow.

Cordon off groups of partners, widen a specific circle, or create partner-purpose blockchains measure activity metrics and set alerts. The combinations and custom solutions are unlimited.

Partnerships are secure, private and incremental. They are also powerful tools to validate, automate, streamline, and protect your business interactions – all while extending your reach and providing complete transparency to only the partners with whom you conduct your business.

Monolithic blockchain partnerships (sometimes called consortia) are either too open, too closed, or too cumbersome.

They either fail under the weight of deployment and management overhead, or become victims of an inability to scale or include new partners. With IronWeave, partnerships can be as simple or complex as your business requires; all manageable, expandable, all under your direct and secure control.
Use cases

Any industry, or business, that interacts with other organizations during the course of commerce.

So pretty much everyone – every business, every industry, each supply chain, every government agency and each individual. All need security, all want partnerships, all aspire to thrive: with IronWeave they can realize all three.