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IronWeave — Running Today

Unlimited Scale
Unlimited interacting blockchains interacting at 1,600,000+ transactions per second, per managed node. Unlimited managed nodes.
Unmatched Security
Unique, ultra-secure encryption applies to each blockchain, and each shared block. Each block is encrypted with its own unique keys.
Infinite Flexibility
Block sizes and types can be customized as needed, in size and content. Create custom blocks, or entire categories to match industry, process, operations.

Patented and running today

IronWeave - Running Today

Enterprises want to ensure they’re working with the single source of truth – for their data, and the systems their data runs on. We’ve patented IronWeave and its collection of technologies so that enterprises and organizations can be assured that their blockchain environment is stable, always running on the same set of services, and that it’s being managed and maintained by the very experts who created it. No one-offs, no makeshift builds, no community divisions or forks to jeopardize progress, compatibility, or stability.
Open for business — your business

We’ve been working quietly on IronWeave for years, applying our decades of experience in cloud software engineering and scalable system protocols. While others release ideas and not-ready alphas, we’ve been refining IronWeave’s capabilities, tuning its performance, building its core and ensuring its massive decentralization functionality can scale to the world – all to ensure your organization can grow as fast and far as your ideas take you.

IronWeave is online today, running in production, with scalable blockchain solutions that can scale with your enterprise, and the rest of the world.

Use cases include the following:

Enterprise business applications, Finance, Customer purchases or interactions, Government, Medical records, digital platforms. Supply chain and Logistics, Transportation, Data security, recovery, sovereignty. IoT device sensors, manufacturing and shipping / transport. Supply chain logistics. Shipping and goods tracking, including RFID. B2B, B2C. Field operations. Custom applications.