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IronWeave — Iron-Clad Security

Unlimited Scale
Unlimited interacting blockchains interacting at 1,600,000+ transactions per second, per managed node. Unlimited managed nodes.
Unmatched Security
Unique, ultra-secure encryption applies to each blockchain, and each shared block. Each block is encrypted with its own unique keys.
Infinite Flexibility
Block sizes and types can be customized as needed, in size and content. Create custom blocks, or entire categories to match industry, process, operations.

The best in data security, blockchain or otherwise

Iron-Clad Security

IronWeave is exceptionally secure, with security built into its design and strong encryption mechanisms applied to each individual shared block.

When an interaction occurs between two or more blockchains in IronWeave, each participating blockchain submits a hash of its previous block to include in the new shared block. So with three participants, the new shared block will contain three different hashes – one from each participant. It’s like having three locks on a door, instead of just one. On its own, this architectural feature makes each shared block in IronWeave extremely secure.
Multi-dimensional security that hardens over time

But remember that each of those three hashes comes from the previous block in each participant’s blockchain. Each of those blocks is also a shared block, so its hash is a combination of two or more hashes from its participating chains. The result is an ever-expanding series of exceptionally strong locks that secure each block individually, creating two dimensions of interlocking hashes – vertical (previous blocks) and horizontal (a hash from each participant).

And we didn't stop there building iron-clad security. Each block in IronWeave is issued its own set of RSA-4096 encryption keys, further protecting and securely isolating each interaction on IronWeave as it occurs.
A vault within a vault . . . inside another vault

For would-be bad actors, it’s like trying to break into an iron-clad bank vault… only to learn that if they were able to get inside, each deposit box (block) within is further secured by a multitude of additional locks, each immutably connected to one another, yet each requiring a different and unique digital key.

IronWeave also allows enterprises and large organizations to use their own encryption key management system, by offering a Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) security model. This enterprise-grade security offering is another example of how IronWeave has been built from the ground up with the enterprise in mind, by engineers who understand what enterprises need.

This is just the core of IronWeave’s security implementation, based on architecture; its implications and uses are far reaching across multiple industries and applications.

Monolithic blockchains include a hash of the previous block during the creation of a new block, creating a single dimension of security; which is still a source of security and tamper resistance, and you can’t alter any previous block without breaking that chain.

In IronWeave each block created is a shared block, which automatically includes two or more hashes from independent blockchains – creating a three-dimensional collection of protective hashes, which will fan out exponentially over time. It’s very secure when you create the third shared block in a chain; consider how exceptionally secure it is when you create the tenth, or thousandth shared block, with the interlocked hashes from a two-dimensional walk interactions of any participating chains.